Past Derby Pics.


"Caddy" Bob Nolan lent me this car for Friday Rockton in my chase for the Points Championship. I got 3rd in the heat and won the Feature. Bob used this car in Milton. Carrie (Jamie's girlfriend) used it Saturday Rockton.

My 2004 Regional car....decided to go square this year (1981)...big mistake! Rear arch folded straight in, tranny went and all the belts flew off....back to bubbles!

Jamie and I after Ancaster Fair (Jamie borrowed a car from Rob Switzer)

The 2004 season wrapped up in a Picture....a good year!.

My 2003 Regional car...94 Crown Vic. Used in 7 derbies...this is after Wednesday Simcoe Fair

Warren and I loaded up for 2004 Firefighters....decided to go 4 Banger...76 Chevette and 77 Pinto Wagon

Campbellford Winter Derby...Fresh 99 Crown Vic

Campellford Winter Derby....after winning heat 2

Off to Humberstone Speedway for the Flag Pole race and Derby

In the Pits at Comber derby....with 75 Grand Prix. Built this car in a day....very long day....didn't sleep, then drove down and derbied.

Got 3rd in the feature.....ran out of car

1st run for this car....Beamsville. Got 4 derbies out of this car...with 2 Feature wins and a 2nd. Thanks for the Car Shaun!

Williams cup car under construction...

SS championship in Rockton

2007 year end Derby Party

Rogers Center Pits....Jesse Fair's car here...